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2017 Pricing Changes


We’re announcing some new and upcoming price changes going forward into 2017 starting with our newest design HORIZON. We’ve had a great year in 2016 thanks to all our customers, and we’ve taken a hard look at some changes we’ve been considering going forward that we plan on making. That being said, it’s worth reading on to dive into why, and what kind of new offerings we’ll be adding going forward.




After reviewing our current offerings we’ve learned that to keep providing the same amount of awesome support we offer and to continue to be a profitable business and have options to expand and hire new employees into 2017, we need to adjust our prices to match our growing business and of course customer demand. That being said all our designs are going to be priced at the same price point to make it easier for customers to enjoy our designs, starting with our newest design HORIZON. We tried to find the right balance to stay competitive, keep our awesome support going, provide new services, new offerings, and to keep offering free design updates to current design owners. We’ll also be unveiling a new upgrade program going forward to add more value to your purchase.

Not all designs will be the new price right away. We’re going to be going back and updating all our current offerings to ProPhoto’s latest features, new support articles for those and a brand new upgrade program. Those updates for current design owners will be free, just keep in mind that using an updated design will cause you to start your design over from scratch. We’re working with ProPhoto to add pushed updates to designs, but until then, manually updating them is the only option.

Current price offerings put all our designs at $175 and we’ll be going up to $275 when new designs release and when updates get added to current offerings. We’ll also be adding a new program for our power design users and offering up collections of designs at a discounted rate, for now we’ll be running that behind the scenes, if you’re interested in that, get in touch and we’ll let some users in on the details early as part of a test group.




We’ve come up with a brand new upgrade program for our users. If you’ve ever purchased a Pro Photo 6 design from our store, then from Pro Photo 6 on, if the design you purchased carries over to the next version: i.e ProPhoto 7, that design will be 100% free to you with an option to pay what you want to upgrade. We’re no longer going to be charging for individual design upgrades after 6 releases, if you’re wanting to switch to 7 and get a brand new design then you’ll of course have to pay to get the new design. We’re doing this as a good faith for the many clients we’ve had that have stuck with us for years and to add even more value to your purchase. That being said, ProPhoto 7 is a ways off, so our program won’t launch until 7 is almost ready to launch. If you’ve bought ProPhoto 5 and are wanting to upgrade to 6 or eventually 7, we’re still going to be charging to upgrade to those versions, but at 50% of the design cost. Just contact us and we’ll get you a special code to use to get your upgraded price. We’re offering the new upgrade program for only Pro Photo 6 users and up since it’s an all new theme and previous versions won’t be compatible with future versions of Pro Photo.




We don’t advertise or even promote our services very much, the truth is that with just only mainly me doing all the work for the business, we’ve learned over the years that we can’t devote the time and energy clients deserve to have been able to offer the same services we were offering a couple of years ago. This year we have the goal in mind to hire a new designer to come in and handle all our custom design services so we can offer that service back to our clients. We’ll get our new services site up along with pricing for that soon as well.




With the new prices that means we can start to expand our offerings and provide new services and hire out some new people to help us grow going forward. I don’t want to unveil too much yet, but we are already in the process of  bringing in a new developer to get us some upgrades to our store front, and in time we’ll be offering a brand new product to help you take your new site a step further. Take a look at our roadmap for 2017 details on what we have currently planned, which is always changing.