2021 Pro Photo Updates

As some of you may have heard or may not have, ProPhoto made a HUGE update announcement recently. They’re going to a fully hosted subscription model and announced a new version of Pro Photo with Pro Photo hosted. You can see the post here.

Honestly, this has been a long time coming. And I’m not in the least bit surprised.

I had this huge 2 part post planned out detailing the changes they’re making, price breakdowns for switching to hosted ProPhoto, a second live Q+A planned (see the first one here), and so much more… because the change isn’t as bad as people think. But I took a step back and decided not to do that, as that’s supposed to be ProPhoto’s job, not ours and here we are instead! :)

Thumbnail with iPad screenshot from one of our website designs.

2021 ProPhoto

This transition isn’t any different than past transition periods for ProPhoto. We’ve seen every version since 1, and have been selling templates since we were able to do that. In fact, we were one of the first ones to do it with ProPhoto at all! Every few years, an older version gets retired, and then we only support the latest version.

That’s not changing for us. ProPhoto 7 is being retired later in the year, and just “Pro Photo” is what’s moving forward. No more versions. Just a constantly updated theme under the new subscription plan.

If you choose to buy a ProPhoto template from us now or in the future, it will work in ProPhoto 7 until it retires, AND it will work in the new version if you switch to the subscription right now. So you have no worries about whether or not your design purchase will go to waste. Our designs will work for you in the future, no matter which direction you choose!

Just to be EXTRA clear. If you buy a template from us, it’ll work in Pro Photo 7, and it’ll work in ProPhoto hosted too! :)

We’ve already updated our website today to reflect the latest changes. We’ll only be pushing the ProPhoto subscription from now on. We see no reason to wait until the last minute to make the transition like we usually do, and this time ProPhoto has given everyone a huge amount of time before they transition into the new version.

So, just know, we got your back! Your La Lune templates will continue to work far into the future, and we plan on creating new things for ProPhoto going forward!


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