Black Label Hosting and Maintenance

Today, we’re introducing our brand new hosting and maintenance plans. We like to call it Black Label. It’s an all-in-one service to handle all your maintenance and hosting needs. We wanted to take out all the stress of running a WordPress site and let you get back to your dream of having a successful business.

Black Label Hosting and Maintenance Plans by La Lune Creative

Black Label – Lite

Our lite plan is our basic maintenance plan. We wanted to take care of some of the day to day operations of owning a website. We’ll handle your backups, plugin updates, theme updates, database optimization and php updates. All the technical jargon of a website that you know is there, but don’t really want to tackle yourself.

This sounds like the plan for me!

Black Label – Premium (Hosting and Maintenance)

When we planned the tiers out for Black Label, we took a hard look at what it actually costs to run a high level WordPress website. Basically, we looked at all the major plugins with their premium plans that your average user has installed onto their site. Plugins like backups, security, optimization, etc. Then we looked at all the major WordPress dedicated hosting plans, and SSL costs.

Basically everything you need to run a WordPress site short of a domain and email. Then we averaged it all out, and discounted it. The goal was to give you everything you need, while saving money and offering the best of our service. In our planning, we figured you would be saving anywhere from $2-300 a year by going with our Premium plan over paying for all of it separately.

Our goal is to completely remove any aspect of the technical side of your website and have us do everything for you. With our Premium plan, it also includes our Lite plan and hosting. We’ll take care of your hosting, backups, security, plugin updates, theme updates, spam, and make sure your site is running at peak proficiency. Best of all, you’ll have someone from La Lune to help you every step of the way.

We’re offering WordPress dedicated hosting with faster speeds, more security, and better optimization. You’ll be getting only the best that we offer with all the support you’ll ever need behind you.

Peace of mind is a powerful thing, and we want to make that happen for you!

I want peace of mind!

Black Label – Black

Let’s take it one step further. Our black plan includes both our Lite and Premium plans, so not only are we taking care of every aspect technically, but in our Black plan, we’re also offering 1 hour of content updates a month.

What’s a content update? We can update a gallery or blog post for you, change or customize something in your theme or template, install and setup plugins and more. It’s basically whatever you need, within reason of course! If you go over the hour for the month or need more time we can bill separately for that, and if you don’t use it in a month, it’s not cumulative.

This plan is for those larger sites that may need an evolving site design or may need more work on a monthly basis.

I want it all! Gimme!

This is only the start of our plans. We really want to handle all of the basic needs of a website so you can get back to doing what you do best, and that’s running your business. You shouldn’t have to let your site bog you down.


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