Creating a better website: Hiding Comments

wordpress site tutorial comments

We’re starting a new series today called “Creating A Better Website”.

Naturally all our designs run on the WordPress platform and we’re excited to be able to help improve your site design, speed and much more in our new series!

The first thing we want to make important is a simple one, hiding comments on your web pages. Why is that important? If you’re using one of our site designs or in fact any WordPress site design, then you might know that WordPress was originally a blog platform. WordPress over the years has melded into a platform built for any kind of site you desire, merging a blog into a website.

If you’re using a design like ours which is not only a website but also includes a blog design, it’s called a “blog site”.  When the two are made together you’ll want to keep your blog posts, blog archives and categories, etc separate from your “main” site. Your WordPress pages won’t need blog comments or trackbacks. It distracts from the page, doesn’t help your SEO any and makes your site look unprofessional when your main site pages are supposed to be for portfolio purposes. There’s no reason a person should comment on say, your about page.

It’s a good idea to turn those comments off for your actual site pages. To do that we’ll start by logging into WordPress and checking out our tutorial HERE. There you’ll find the full tutorial in detail with step by step instructions!

Shepard for ProPhoto 6



We’re finally introducing our last design to carry over from ProPhoto 5 with Shepard! This design has been re-imagined for a responsive world. Although we would’ve loved to keep the borders on the sides it really forced the responsive nature in a box, which we didn’t really want to do so that you wouldn’t have any limitations.


shepard full screen

Shepard still has that same great vintage newspaper feel with texture, borders, and minimal design. The design is of course 100% responsive, and uses ProPhoto 6’s brand new tile gallery for the portfolio page. This design does require some photoshop use if you want to edit things like the logo, borders, and texture. It’s one of the only designs that requires an editing program to customize some parts of it.





Showit 5


It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally ready to unveil our big secret for June. We’re starting development for Showit 5! All our current designs we have available will eventually be available as your favorite Showit site.  Our Showit sites will be built with features for that platform, so they’ll be similar but not exact, and that’s exactly the way we want them to be. We want all the platforms we develop for to have their own strengths and features that those themes are known for.

We’ve been working with the Showit team for awhile now to prepare for our arrival and we’re extremely excited to finally tell our little secret and to start working on new things.  You might be asking, what exactly are our plans for Showit? We plan to release all our current designs for Showit 5 over the next few months and any new designs we develop in the process will be available on both platforms as they’re released. We’ll be taking it a little bit slower with back releases for Showit since we’ll still be co developing with ProPhoto at the same time.

We still plan to give 110% support on both platforms to give you the best experience that we’ve always given. As with our ProPhoto designs, we’ll also be offering free updates with all our designs as they’re updated.

If you would like to see what our plans are, check out the update to our Roadmap page!

ProPhoto Launch Month!

We started celebrating ProPhoto Launch Month with a sale! You can buy any ProPhoto 6 design for $25.00 off by putting in the code LAUNCHED at checkout! That includes our brand NEW designs which we launched today!


Speaking of Launches, we’re excited to be debuting 3 designs for release into the store today! We’re welcoming back Mitty and Express to ProPhoto 6, and a brand NEW design STORIED.








We’ll have more announcements and some other news next week leading up to the official release on May 23rd of ProPhoto 6!

Carbon for ProPhoto 6


We just recently launched Carbon for P6! It’s now all responsive, has tiles (the new buttons), includes all the awesome pages and of course is completely mobile friendly! We’ll be adding support articles for Carbon to our site soon. Check out the design details below!