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Mod has just been released into the store!

Mod for ProPhoto 6 is a totally re-imagined design from it’s previous version! While we’ve kept some of the design staples that made Mod unique, like it’s text navigation and logo, we’ve updated everything else. We spent a lot of time focusing on the content in this version, every page was meticulously designed with care to add a minimal but content driven space to show off your photography and brand.







As always we have another update on our roadmap for you as well! Check it out HERE.

With Mod releasing today, and Carbon at the half way point it will be our next release in the line. We’ll round out the month with Express and we pushed both Shepard and Urban to May. We also added June to our roadmap to keep updated as we move along.

ProPhoto is officially launching May 15th! To give us some extra time to get everything worked out we’ll be retiring all our ProPhoto 5 designs/demos for ProPhoto 5 and our site will update to 2.0 the first week of May.

Minimal for ProPhoto 6







We’ve just released Minimal in our store! We did make one big change aside from the obvious that it’s now responsive, and that’s lessen the amount of photoshop files. In fact all our new designs have almost no files. We never liked how we had to have so many files and almost require photoshop files to customize the design, so we’ve taken a huge step in trying to reduce as much as possible. Instead we’ve put more focus into providing support through our support website, which we’ve been adding new articles daily for new designs. Minimal should be popping up on there soon!

You can checkout the support site with all it’s recent updates here.



We’ve decided to go ahead and add this to a page that we’ll just keep updating frequently as we make changes! Click here to see the ROADMAP.

We decided to delay both Mitty, and Carbon which put our other designs on release for March back to April. Why the change? ProPhoto’s “Buttons” feature is coming back within the next two weeks in a big beautiful way and we wanted to save those designs for that feature release.  In the meantime we’ll be working on other items on the Roadmap and designs that don’t really require the buttons so much from 5.

We also had to add some more retirements to the list due to just not being good designs for a responsive environment.  The current list of retirements are; Sparrow, Wunderlust, and Skyfall.

We’re REALLY hoping we can work it out so that Shepard can make the switch, we can’t promise it at this point. Custom borders isn’t something currently built into 6 yet, which means it’s going to take a lot of background files (meaning photoshop files) that have to work together with responsive design to make it look right. If we can’t do that we’ll have to find some other way of creating a similar design to Shepard. That one along with urban are both up in the air. If they do somehow make it we can guarantee that designs with lots of textures or custom graphics will have a bunch of photoshop files just like before. That’s something we won’t be able to avoid.

Lastly, please be aware that we are REMOVING all ProPhoto 5 designs when ProPhoto 6 launches. This is the first year we’ve ever sold old designs from an older version of a theme, but once 6 releases officially there will be no more need to sell those older designs and we’ll make the full transition to ProPhoto 6. Our support portal for P5 will stay open of course even after P5 designs are retired. At that point, we’ll make an announcement a week or so ahead of time to give people plenty of warning.


The Road Map 2016 Part Two



Today we’ve launched our two very first ProPhoto 6 designs!

You can see Noir and Redwood in our new P6 design store here.

Our new support center for P6 is up as well. We’ll be adding new articles on a daily basis for awhile.

ProPhoto 6 Need to Know!

  • It’s still in beta so there will be bugs and features missing (like the contact form).
  • ProPhoto 6 is REQUIRED to use ProPhoto 6 designs.
  • If you’re upgrading from 5 to 6, you can get P6 at a discount. See here.



We’ve also updated our roadmap with some new information:


Our P5 designs: Wunderlust, Sparrow, and Skyfall are all being retired and will not be making the transition from 5 to 6, we maybe retiring more depending on design challenges from 5 to 6.

March 1st – 29th:

– ProPhoto 6 Design Launches (Redwood & Noir)
– ProPhoto 6 Design Launches (Carbon, & Minimal)
– ProPhoto 6 Design Launches (Mod, Mitty & Express)
– ProPhoto 6 Design Launches (Shepard & Urban)
– More site improvements

April 1st – 30th:

– Add reward system to purchases through our site
– ProPhoto 6 Design Launch (New Design)
– Custom services open back up
– More site improvements
– Support center improvements

May 1st – May 30th:

– Add social discounts to purchases through our site
– ProPhoto 6 Design Launch (New Design)
– ProPhoto 5 Designs retire for the Public launch of ProPhoto 6
– More site improvements
– More support center improvements
– Discount site update

The Road Map 2016 Part One


Welcome to the launch of our new site, built with the power of Pro Photo 6!

I’ll be going over a few changes and a small road map we have in place so you can see where we’re headed over the next few weeks.


We’ve updated the post and just decided to make our roadmap a page instead. Check it out here – we’ll be updating it regularly.


I know a few of you are going to ask where our Brand Kits are since you’re not seeing them in the store. We’ll be discontinuing anything but web design from this point on until we feel comfortable with doing those again. That means, brand kits, header templates, and any other non web design or websites, we’ve discontinued for the time being. There’s a huge reason for that, but one we can’t really talk about until after we make some new exciting announcements about where we’re headed! Our 12 month road map is much MUCH larger than what we’re showing here. We’re super excited to get moving in 2016!


We’re working on getting our most popular designs brought into 6 right away. As you can see we plan to have most of our current designs done by the end of March and then we’ll start doing new designs starting in April. I know some of you were looking for something new, but in fact some of our older designs we’re carrying over, probably won’t actually look the same and even some of our newer designs from 2015 are getting ProPhoto 6 upgrades so those are going to be a bit different as well. Case in point, designs like Shepard, Urban, Express, and Skyfall were all built on legacy ProPhoto before even 5 came out. Those designs are all due for a major redesign. So for 6 they’ll look completely different or be retired. Our hope is to have them ALL finished by April. That’s a tough goal to make, but we believe we’re going to make it. If for some reason we can’t, then we’ll be more open and transparent about what’s going on with releases from here on out.


We have a brand new store with user registration!  So why do we require user registration now? For the FREE updates of course! Everyone loves FREE don’t they? So our plans from here on out are to offer all clients who purchase designs through us, get updates for their design for free.

We’re not allowing cross platform updates however, so you can’t have a prophoto 5 design and get the equivalent of the prophoto 6 design. ProPhoto 5 updates are for 5 and ProPhoto 6 updates are for 6. So you’ll have to purchase the design you want for the platform you want to get the updates for it.

At this point it isn’t likely we’ll have too many P5 updates, but if you’ve purchased one of our designs before we’ll have a system in place to notify you through an email list if there’s an update. Just remember that any update we do to the designs break any customizations you make, so you’ll have to do the customizations over again if you choose to get the updated version. When we have an update we’ll detail the changes and process to get your update right here on the blog.

If you’ve purchased a design through the ProPhoto store we’re talking with them to allow you to download your original file at any time, from the original purchased email you receive. Thus would allow you to download the newest version. Until they get that implemented however, I believe they want you to send in a request through the contact form for the time being. Again that process will be detailed on the blog once there’s an update for the design.

So that’s one long winded post! That’s it for now, we’ll have some more updates incoming! Keep an eye out soon!

10 Essentials Every Photographer Needs in 2015


We’ve curated a favorites list of 10 essentials every photographer should want (or need). In our selections we spared no expense and chose some of the best of the best to outfit the working professional with only the best equipment and style available.


top ten gifts for photographers 1Brixton ONA bag

$269 – $429

ONA makes some of the most drool worthy photographer bags on the market. While most bag companies are now competing mostly in the female market, ONA strives to make both male and female happy with a variety of styles and accessories. We hand picked the Antique Cognac Italian leather version for it’s amazing looks and quality. The Brixton bags hold up to 3 lenses, a camera, and up to a 13″ laptop and any accessories like batteries and flashes you want to fit.





top ten gifts for photographers 2

Nikon D750


Nikon’s brand new D750 is the dream camera we’ve had in our mind for a few years. It features full frame, built in wifi, live viewing tilt screen, 1080p 60fps video, a fast 6.5 frames per second and Nikon’s 51 point AutoFocus system. The D750 is a perfect prosumer level camera and in some cases outshines it’s bigger brothers in the pro level series they offer. If you’re looking for something right in the middle we believe this is the perfect body to fit a cinematographer or photographer.





top ten gifts for photographers 3Bowers and Wilkins – MM1 HiFi Computer Speakers


Spending hours in front of a screen editing photos or video is a daunting task for anyone, but with the Bowers and Wilkins MM1 speakers you’ll have the best possible sound from a tiny package. The MM1’s require no sub woofer and is designed to be minimal and beautiful to your existing setup. The MM1’s use usb to convert the signal to analogue giving the dual drives the power to give incredible sound. B&W make some of the best sound products in the world, even filling the world famous Abbey Road Studios with the 800 series speakers.





top ten gifts for photographers 4Apple iMac – Retina 5K Display


4K is quickly becoming the new norm to 1080HD video, with an incredibly high resolution, Apple has increased the pixels from 4K to 5K giving the new iMac an unprecedented screen viewing experience with quality to match. While we can attest to the new thin slim line 27″inch iMac from 2013, it’s already gorgeous and simple design and ease of use provided by OSX Yosemite this is one of the best desktop experiences around for a working creative.





top ten gifts for photographers 5Red Leaf Boutique – Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets

$30 – $120

2015 has been all about vintage modern and Red Leaf Boutique offers a great selection of film inspired Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets. With these you can create a vintage film look from any digital photo in just a few seconds. Offering a variety of film styles, you can find something for the style you’re trying to create with black and white or color photos.






Eye-Fi 16gb cardEye-Fi 16gb Pro SD Card


With today’s technology nearly everything is trying to be in a connected world, and now SD cards have built in wifi, which can directly upload any photo you take to your local mobile device or computer. It has a 30ft range with a N router, but can go the distance a bit further depending on your signal strength and distance. This card definitely makes shooting in backdrop or studio settings where photos need to be directly seen a breeze.





ProPhotoProPhoto Website + Proofing

$199 – $398

ProPhotos do it yourself ease and customization options make this one of the best website templates on the market. It includes a great responsive mobile view, and with the additional proofing plugin it’s truly a one stop shop at an affordable price for photographers and small businesses.








nikon50mmNikon 50mm f/1.4G


A good 50mm should be in everyone’s camera bag, they’re a great all around fixed prime lens and handle any sort of situation, but fixed primes are primarily used for portrait photography. Nikon’s 50mm has a silent wave motor to keep the noise down, lightweight body, and full frame capability.






lexarLexar Professional Workflow Card Reader Hub

$27 – $300

Lexar is one of the premier memory card makers out there, along with sandisk. The Professional workflow hub allows you to buy what you need as you need it. The individual card readers (SR1, SR2) supports SD cards, while the CFR1 and CR 1, and CR2 support various Compact flash cards, there’s also a third and fourth option of a micro SD reader (UR1) and 2 external hard drives up to 512gb. Each one can be bought and used individually, but you can add them all to a bay, to have one solid component (HR1 and HR2) which use the power of USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt 2 if you prefer. The system works really well and we recommend it based on a number of factors, including the look, speed, and versatility.





top 10 photography essentials2015 Volvo XC90


Volvo is known for it’s safety innovation with a rating of Top Safety Pick+ from the NHTSA but we recommend the 2015 XC90 for it’s roomy third row, iPad like touch screen navigation, safety features, built in child booster seats, it’s gorgeous minimal design, autonomous driving features and technology. Not only does it have all the bells and whistles but you can also opt in for a premium Bowers and Wilkins sound system something we’re already in love with, and an array of trims and added technology. The perfect ride for a family and small business. Add the looks of an apple product combine to make the ride any photographer or videographer would want.