Booth for ProPhoto

We’re launching a brand new design aimed specifically at Booth Photographers! We wanted to give a fun loving, colorful design fit for a photo booth photographer, and we hope this design while not as traditional as our normal designs puts the fun and style we expect from a photo booth into a web design for you!

We went with a single page design for this one, which makes the most sense for booth photographers since a fully fledged website isn’t required for that type of business. We feel that those sites are meant to have just enough information to book the client, and don’t need all that fuss and over contemplated design that a website normally brings. We livened this one up with lots of pretty colors and design features, just like a photo booth should be! Full of fun and energetic happiness. If it reminds you a little of the 90’s and Saved by the bell, well…I think you might’ve known where we got our inspiration from!


This design includes a custom logo, backgrounds, and some unique built in tile options to match the design.

Images were lovingly given to us to use from our friend Rikki over at Snapbox. Check out his new site sporting the design, and be sure to read the interview he did with us here.