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Stunning Designs Right From The Start

We only provide designs built for the themes we love and trust. We've been working with the ProPhoto theme since 2007 and believe it's the best photography theme to use for photographers, film makers, and small business owners. That's why currently, we only sell templates for the ProPhoto theme.

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You'll need a domain, hosting with Wordpress installed, and ProPhoto 7 to use our templates.



Install ProPhoto 7 to your wordpress site, then purchase a new template from us!



Customize a little or alot. From colors, fonts, images, and everything in between.



Once you're done working on your site, it's time to go live! Not the DIY type? You can hire us!


Absolutely! Our ProPhoto designs are templates to the ProPhoto theme, so the latest version of ProPhoto is required to use them.

Not only do we offer support for our designs, through our own support site, but ProPhoto has an excellent support staff to answer all your questions or get help with the theme. They also have a grand tutorial site with everything you need to learn to get started here.

No, none of our designs will ever require you to use an external image editing program like Photoshop or Sketch.

ProPhoto 7 is backwards compatible with 6, so you can import over your P6 design into 7.*

ProPhoto 7 does not support importing older designs from ProPhoto 3, 4 or 5.

*ProPhoto 6 is required to have been installed and the design you want to import activated to be able to import it to 7.

Absolutely! If you have a ProPhoto 6 design, and you upgrade to 7, 8, 9, etc when those release, you’ll be able to import your La Lune ProPhoto design right into the next version.


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You’ll need hosting, a domain, and WordPress installed to get started with ProPhoto.

ProPhoto is a one time fee of $249. You can save $20.00 off by using the code LALUNE at checkout when you go to the ProPhoto website to purchase the theme.

Not at all! You do not have to learn or know a single line of code to use ProPhoto.

ProPhoto releases updates for free for the life of the current version you’re on. New features, bug fixes, and more release monthly for free.

If you’re wanting to upgrade to a newer version, they provide a discounted upgrade fee of $119 to upgrade. See here.


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