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La Lune 2019 Spring Update

We have so many things to tackle in our La Lune 2019 spring update!

First, we’ve been working with some amazing clients lately and just launched Yellow Brick Home this week! I had an absolute blast working with Kim and Scott, and I’m very happy to debut their new custom ProPhoto 7 website.

We’ve had a very busy first quarter with all our clients, and there’s still time to get those site refreshes in before the major wedding season starts! Get in touch for your custom website needs!

Site Refresh & Services

We’ve been working hard on our new site refresh, which should debut within the second quarter of this year. This year, we’ve been really trying to get our back-end work in order. (Things we’ve been meaning to do for years but just haven’t had the time to do) — ugh. We recently moved all our demos to their own domain name for better management, and we’ll be switching our VPS over to WordPress Managed Hosting to see if we can get things a little more speedy around here.

With the site refresh will come some new exciting things we can’t wait to debut! I wanted to mention that services will be completely changing after the new site update goes live. We’ll be offering new services, and most services will see price increases, so if you’ve been thinking about booking a service through us, now might be a good time to do that before we change things up!

New Designs & Elementor

We’ve got one new design release coming up for P7 in the next couple of weeks or so, but our big announcement is that we’ll be building and selling themes for Elementor soon! At this point we’re looking at a third or fourth quarter launch, but hopefully much sooner than that. There’s some hard logistics to overcome before we can debut anything, but rest assured, most of our existing designs will make the jump, and some designs will be exclusive.

There’s still lots to talk about there, but for now that’s all I’m willing to debut, stay tuned!

ProPhoto 7 Template Updates

We’ve spent the last month or so updating all our designs for 2019. You can see the changelogs on our support site here. Most of them are all minor refreshes, but some like MOD, & HORIZON saw some pretty significant updates with MOD being basically all new for 2019. We also retired several of our older designs. The goal is to eventually cut all our old design names out with the exception of Minimal.

Shepard, Express, and Storied were retired earlier this year, and Urban will be retiring before the debut of our newest design Athena which is to be released within the next couple of weeks.

Support Site Updates

We’ve really dropped the ball on our support site, it used to be chocked full of helpful tutorials and videos when ProPhoto 6 was still around, then when 7 released it was still pretty light, and they still had lots of big UI/UX changes before it finally got to a stage of awesomeness that it is now. That led to a big burnout on our videos and tutorials.

Every time they release a huge UX change we have to go back and update every single article with new screenshots and videos when it’s a major change. This takes hours and sometimes days to correct and at one point the updates for P7 were coming so frequently we just decided to halt progress with the support site altogether. :(

We also had some major hiccups with our software we use to record screenshots and video after we updated to newer machines. After waiting 6 months for them to fix things, we finally just decided to roll back to a previous version that we knew wasn’t slow and crashes frequently.

Since January, we’ve put a little site refresh up on the support site, reorganized things, and slowly started adding new articles to the mix. Soon, we’ll finally be updating our youtube channel and support site with comprehensive videos to help you learn and manage your new design. This has been a long time coming, but we finally feel that P7 is in a place where we can dedicate the time needed to update articles and add new videos without feeling like our time is wasted. Plus we finally got all our software snags under control enough to do the work required. We’ve just hit too many snags to not be productive with it, but we’re getting back on track!


In case you missed it, we pulled out of doing Showit templates, and only offer services for Showit. Read all about it here.

That’s it for this update! We’ll have lots of new things to share again between now and our summer update so keep an eye out. You can follow us here on the blog, facebook and instagram for all the latest.

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