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Mod and Horizon Updates for 2019

In our last post we talked about how we recently updated all our designs for 2019. I wanted to show you our two biggest updates, which gave us an all new Mod refresh for 2019 and an updated Horizon for 2019. We also took pride in the fact that all our designs are GDPR friendly, including most of ProPhoto 7s features right out of the box with our recent updates.


Mod saw a significant facelift for 2019, starting with an updated logo, updated footer, and an updated layout for the home page. We also added refinements to all the layouts that made since for 2019.

All of our designs recently had the same treatment. We refined block names, layouts, and re-organized font styles to make them easier to read and use.

Mod is one of our oldest designs at this point, at least next to our Minimal design. One aspect that people have loved is the worded gallery section. We made sure to keep that section but update it for 2019.

Mod ProPhoto 7 WordPress Template

Every layout had some love in this refresh with the blog seeing large new changes. Blogging hasn’t ever really gone out of style, but we’ve been taking more steps to focus on the design parts of blogging. Especially now that ProPhoto 7 fully supports WordPress 5 and gutenberg. This makes creating new blog posts significantly better for a more modern blogging experience. It has also made us push ProPhoto for more modern blogging styles in future updates, so hopefully we’ll see some new things come out of it in the future.

You can see the entire changelog for Mod here.


Horizon also got a much needed facelift in many areas. Horizon was always intentionally built to be a bloggers design that could be used for more than just photography. It’s one of our most popular designs and needed some updates for 2019.

All the layouts saw new changes. We also spent a lot of extra time in the blog layout on this one for some much needed updates.

Horizon ProPhoto 7 WordPress Template

See all the updates for our Horizon ProPhoto 7 template here.

We recently launched a beautiful new client site; YellowBrickHome which was created with Horizon as a starting design. If you take a look at how awesome it is then you’ll see it only generally resembles the original.

The beauty of using WordPress and ProPhoto 7 is ALL of our designs can be whatever you want them to be! Sometimes you can do it yourself, but other times it requires someone to help who knows what they are doing. You can really see how one of our designs transformed into something the client loves and fits perfectly for their needs.

All of our designs run on ProPhoto 7. Features and design ideas are not limited to what you see in the demos. Templates are just the starting point to something greater you can build and create to your dreams.

While all of our designs received updates for the first quarter, not all of them were as large as the ones for both Mod and Horizon. You can see all our changelogs for our designs here on our support site.

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