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New ProPhoto 7 Design – Sol

Today we’re introducing a brand new ProPhoto 7 design! Meet Sol.

There was a time a few months ago, that I was really missing the “boxed” or fixed designs of old, before giant responsive images started to become the normal thing in design. With Sol, I really wanted to bring that back, except keep the awesomeness of being 100% responsive across devices.

ProPhoto 7 Photography Theme Design - Sol

With Sol, our goal was to offer a boxed or framed design that had a small set width, with bare minimum content. You’re probably thinking, “This design is similar to some of your others!” That’s sort of true. Designs like Minimal or Express are always meant to be content driven and expanded upon.  While Sol shares those abilities, the design isn’t intended to have all those things. We designed it thinking that the only purpose Sol serves is for a simple portfolio website and not much more. However, all the same features available in ProPhoto 7 will always be there so you can make it as complicated and content filled as you like!

Sol is the perfect photography theme for people who don’t want over complicated websites or walls of text and content. Check it out!



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