New ProPhoto Design – Keynote II

Today sees another new ProPhoto 7 design launch! We’re debuting Keynote II, our second coming soon design for ProPhoto 7. This design is meant to offer some more modern contemporary coming soon layouts while you prepare to launch your website.

Who is Keynote II for?

Keynote is perfect for anyone with a ProPhoto 7 design who wants to use something pretty to display while they’re working on their new website. Display a coming soon design can help let your visitors know that you have something awesome coming and get excited about your new site!


See a gallery of the included layouts in the design below.

[pp_gallery id=”8696″ style-id=”c3b12695-b1cd-4ab4-969c-c9a4b5f85c56″]

We also just updated our tutorial website to show you how to add and use our coming soon designs with P7. We’re constantly working on new support content, and I know our video tutorials were loved when ProPhoto 6 was out, so we’ll be putting a priority on those soon!


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