New ProPhoto Design – Keynote

We’re debuting another new ProPhoto 7 design today! Keynote is a simple “coming soon” placeholder design. Keynote comes with 5 total layouts in a variety of different styles to match most design types. This design was meant to liven up your under construction notice while you’re working on making your new site awesome.

We have plans to release 2 more designs in this series with Keynote 02 releasing this fall, and winter respectively. Check out screenshots of the layouts below, and hit up the demo, and purchase today!

Layout 01
ProPhoto 7 WordPress Coming Soon Design
Layout 02
ProPhoto Coming Soon Design
Layout 03
P7 WordPress Photographer Coming Soon Design
Layout 04
ProPhoto 7 Coming Soon Design
Layout 05
Keynote - A WordPress Coming Soon design for ProPhoto 7

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