New ProPhoto Design – Wander

If you haven’t heard yet, ProPhoto 7 for WordPress is out, and today we’re celebrating the launch with a new design!  Wander is a minimal design with classy details and a splash of neutral toned colors for a refined look. This website is for wedding photographers, florists, wedding planners or small businesses owner. Wander has a lot of charm and simplicity and puts a new special focus we’re adding to the blog for our new designs.

With the power of ProPhoto 7, you’ll not need a single line of code, and it’s never been easier to customize our designs to whatever you need. Change out the fonts, colors, and images, and even move around the layout to come up with the perfect design just for you, customize as much you want in just a few simple steps.


Wander is wonderfully responsive, and looks great across a range of devices and screens already out of the box. We take extra care to make sure all our designs look good across all screen sizes for a great viewing experience.

Wander - A ProPhoto WordPress Photography Web Design

A lot of time and detail went into making the blog a bigger piece of the puzzle. Individual blog posts feature a grand featured image at the top of the page, while a sidebar highlights the most important details you’ll want to share with your viewers for a quick look.

Wander ProPhoto 7 WordPress Theme for Photographers

Check out the design and upgrade to P7 to start on your brand new site!



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