Our Year in Review 2019

It’s crazy to think we just arrived in a new decade! We decided to share our year in review 2019 with you! La Lune was established as an LLC in 2012, but we’ve been around since 2010, and from 2007-2010 we were under a different brand name. That makes 13 years we’ve been doing custom websites, and offering templates and services.

2010 – 2020

  • Designs: We’ve sold just over 7,000 ProPhoto and Showit templates combined since 2010.
  • Templates: We’ve released 78 ProPhoto templates and 12 Showit templates since 2010, that includes ones we remade with the same names over the years.
  • Themes: We’ve been working with ProPhoto for the longest, but we’ve also worked in Showit, Divi, Elementor, Wix, and Squarespace. We wear a lot of hats!
  • Brand Work: Almost nobody knows of this, but we do occasionally do full service custom branding and website design work. For the last 5 years we’ve taken one of these every year or so. One of them you probably already know. The ProPhoto website! We refreshed their branding and site awhile back. We’re hoping to continue to work with them on a new site in the future!

What we launched in 2019

  • Designs: We released 3 new templates, and refreshed all 9 of our other designs for 2019. We also retired 4 designs and stopped selling Showit templates in 2019.
  • Services: We updated and refreshed two of our most popular services, and removed one of the lower end services.
  • Black Label: One of our most ambitious new projects is our maintenance and hosting plans we’re now offering. These are starting to catch on with our existing clients, and we’re excited to be sharing more about our plans in the days and weeks to come!
  • Customer launches: We had 10 custom site launches this year (I know, we’re terrible about letting you know about those!)
  • Social Media: We finally started a newsletter, and did a little better with being more consistent with our social media towards the later half of 2019
  • E-Book: We released our first free e-guide (Website launch checklist). We’re working on some more of these!
  • G SUITE Certified – We got our certification as a Google G SUITE partner this year. We had some plans to start selling domains and G Suite but we’ve decided to move in a different direction for now.

Personal Updates in 2019

The House: We bought a house in late 2018, and we’ve been checking off projects ever since. It’s our first house and an ongoing project. We’ll be sharing more about this on our instagram stories for 2020! For 2019, we finished out our back yard, painted the whole interior of the house, and did some other misc projects.

The Year of Lego: I’ve always collected toys or figures at various times of my life. In recent years I’ve sold everything, sometimes for money, but mostly because I wasn’t into it any longer. LEGO maybe the season for me right now. I’ve been collecting all the Harry Potter Lego sets the last year or so. Remember when the adult coloring book phase was going around? Yeah, that’s what LEGO is for me now. It’s completely relaxing and lethargic to just sit and build something (and then play with it) yes…I’m 35 and I still play with Lego, I have no shame! If you follow us on instagram you probably saw our instagram stories opening the Lego Harry Potter advent calendar every day!

A Terrible Winter: November and December hit us hard. We were personally dealing with a lot. I (Matt) have Cystic Fibrosis, so I was in for a two week hospital stay and a sinus surgery (my 34th surgery). It’s always tough to manage getting better with my health, and juggling work and personal life, but in the middle of my hospital stay, we learned our Chihuahua, Luna had cancer. It was hard to take in while I was stuck in there, I didn’t think I’d get out in time to see her. We had a couple more weeks with her after that. She was our baby of 9 years and passed away December 13th. The year she came into our lives we named her “Luna” which in most languages means “Moon” and that’s how “La Lune” was born in 2010 which literally means “The Moon” in French. She’ll forever be immortalized in our personal lives and in our business.

There hasn’t been a day that we haven’t missed her or thought about her. We have two other fur-babies, one other Chihuahua that’s turning 14 in February and a German Shepard that’s 7. In December, my mom was also in the ICU for awhile due to health problems, and with everything going on we couldn’t fly back to Louisiana to help, and that was also a hit for us. It was a rough ending to an otherwise good year.

Honestly it’s amazing how well we’ve gotten through the last couple of months, at one point we just felt like the bad news would never stop, but of course it always does. We’re healing, things are looking better, and my health is at its peak, so we have a lot to look forward to for 2020! You guys are going to be especially happy with all the new things we’ve been working on. Stay tuned!


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