Our Year In Review 2020

I felt like we were just doing one of these not that long ago! But I think I can speak for everyone when I say we’re happy this year is over. I know we have another year of COVID going into 2021 probably coming, but we honestly are happy to put this year in the rear-view anyway. Here’s hoping to a better 2021!

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So what has La Lune been up to for 2020? Well honestly…not much. We’ve just been plugging away at client services this year, but we’ve also been planning for our future into 2021.

We purchased another company!

Our biggest thing we did in 2020 was purchase a second company, Swoone, our new sister site! We closed in March and have been happily working on things there.

One of the reasons why La Lune has only been working on services this year (at least publicly) is that we’ve spent all of the year making the transition into the “new” Swoone. That work will be paying off in January with the launch of its new website and new product releases. It meant that we had to put a delay on some new La Lune products while we got everything over at Swoone settled.

Designs: We released two fresh new designs for ProPhoto and 3 of our designs for Showit this year.

Services: We didn’t change anything with our services this year outside of new hosting options under our Black Label service.

Customer Launches: We launched 12 new custom client website designs this year with tons and tons of hourly and small project work completed.

Social Media: Honestly we did better here than in previous years, but we’re still not very good at this part of our business. We’ve been working hard on getting better tools to help us manage these so here’s hoping that our plans for social media progress in 2021.

What to expect into 2021:

Swoone’s transition is almost fully complete! It took way longer than we ever expected it to. Swoone just took up most of my time, and honestly, even though it’s just me (Matt) running both companies, I didn’t let our customer services suffer at all. I have a very strict rule of never, ever double booking clients. That won’t ever change from us, so you can expect the same quality of service you’ve come to love and expect from us going into 2021. We always want to give and each every client all of our undivided attention!

La Lune will get a lot of love and attention this year, as we make a huge move back into Showit, and we’ll be making some more service changes going into 2021 as well.

We’ll also be converting all our existing or nearly all our existing designs to Showit, as we previously mentioned. Priority will go there first in early 2021. THEN we can launch our new designs, which we’ve been working on many since we didn’t release much in 2020. So lots of new things coming your way!

That’s really all we’re willing to talk about for now. There will be another blog post just after the new year with some of the changes we’ll be making so check back soon! :)

Since this will be our last post of the year, I just want to thank you all for supporting our small businesses this year during these crazy times! We wish you all happy holidays and safe journeys through the new year!

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