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We get it, you've tried the do-it-yourself route, you've contacted support, but you're still not ticking all the right boxes. That's where we come in. We take all the cool things like your logo, fonts, colors, and images and place them in the template for you.



All our services require that you have hosting. You can choose to go with us through our black label plans or with someone else.


Like hosting, a domain is required for your website to work. We recommend GoDaddy or Google Domains if you don't already have one.


Our services are available for ProPhoto 7, Showit, Divi, & Elementor themes. None of our services include a theme license or a template design.

The Process



Purchase our plus service, and we'll get back with you within one business day to get started. Our Plus service has a one week lead time to give you all the time needed to get us what we need. We are strict on start and end dates so please be sure you can dedicate the time to get us everything we need to start. If you're unsure then we advise you wait to book until you can invest the time to work with us.



We'll get you on the schedule and send over our contract and questionnaire to collect all the things we need to setup your website. We make this step super simple!

Some things we collect are: Your site's page copy, technical information, images for the galleries, and template design. We always start from scratch, no matter how much work you've started on your template already.


We don't ask that you resize or crop images for your new site, and we give you a curated DropBox to make it easy for you to upload files to us for the duration of your project.

All content we need is due on the day before our start date.



Once we have all the information collected from you, we'll get started on your new site.

In our Plus service there is no customization included, so our primary goal is to replace all of the template or theme demo content with your own, like your logo, branding, images, colors and fonts.

Once we've finished adding everything to the site, we'll be in touch to make any final adjustments and to see if any additional services need to be added.



Typically our plus service only takes a couple of days to complete your site. Once we're done with the setup, we'll go over all the final checks with you so we can set a launch day and go live when you're ready!



Plus service doesn’t include any customization or design changes to the template. We do change basic things like menu text, page titles, etc by request. We’ll also remove any blocks or content in the demo that you don’t want to use.

You’ll have an option after we’ve finished your site to add our hourly services or add-ons for design customization if you prefer.

If you’re using ProPhoto, yes. We’d prefer you use one of ours since we carefully customize almost all aspects of ProPhoto. We feel our designs offer greater organization and polish than some other templates available and will help save us time when creating your new site.

If you’re using a theme we don’t offer templates for, then the obvious answer is no. As an example, we offer our services to Divi and Elementor template users but don’t offer templates or child themes for those yet.

Lead times are the amount of time it takes for you to collect and submit the information we need to get started on your website. We have anywhere from 1 to 4 week lead times depending on the service you book.

To make it easier for us to work with and to keep the organization and optimization from the original design, we always start from scratch.

Yes, ProPhoto 7 is backwards compatible with ProPhoto 6 templates. You could import your ProPhoto 6 template into 7 if you wanted to keep your existing design, or simply purchase a new one for 7 if you wanted something new and fresh.

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No. Templates are sold separately from our services.

Unfortunately none of the templates we offer include a theme license. Some theme makers don’t allow reselling, and others we aren’t prepared to resell licenses yet. ProPhoto and other themes like Divi are sold separately.

You need 3 things to get started with a WordPress site.

A. Domain (
B. Hosting – You can go with us through one of our Black Label plans, or go with a large company like GoDaddy, HostPapa, FlyWheel, Wp Engine, etc.
C. Theme – ProPhoto 7, Elementor, Divi, etc
D. Template – We sell templates as starters for the ProPhoto 7 theme. This is totally optional of course.

After you book one of our services, we’ll send you a questionnaire to collect all the things we need to start on your site.

A. Website copy (text).
B. Branding materials, like your logo, colors, fonts, etc.
C. Images. Basically, all the images you see in the demo need to be replaced for your own. We give you a dropbox with curated folders so you stay organized. We ask that you submit images that haven’t been cropped or resized in anyway.

The actual work on the site from start to finish is less than 3 days. It’s always the time it takes for you to get us what we need that takes the longest. It’s why we offer lead times of 1-4 weeks. If you want to book our Plus service, we’re pretty strict about dates, so be absolutely sure when you book that you can devote the time to get us what we need by your start date.

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When you book our Plus service, look for an email within one business day (we don't work on weekends).

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