Design Upgrade Questions

Is there an upgrade program for designs from ProPhoto 5 to newer versions of ProPhoto?

Yes! Contact us for details, we give discounts for users willing and wanting to upgrade from 5 to 6.

Is ProPhoto 6 Backwards Compatible?

No, Pro Photo 6 is an all new theme, and is NOT backwards compatible with previous versions of ProPhoto or of course ProPhoto designs. When you purchase P6, you’ll be starting your design over from scratch.

Is the upgrade from ProPhoto 5 (Legacy) to a ProPhoto 6 design free?

No, the free design upgrades apply only from ProPhoto 6 and up. The reason for that being is that ProPhoto 6 is an all new theme and a lot of hard work and time went into making the designs from scratch to the new version. In P7, 8 and forward, ProPhoto will be completely backwards compatible which will allow us to offer the free upgrades for 6 designs and up.

Once you make your selection of the design you want for ProPhoto 6 only THAT design will offer the free updates to the next version if it carries over to the next generation of ProPhoto.

As an example: II bought Mod for ProPhoto 5, but decided to upgrade to Horizon for ProPhoto6. When ProPhoto 7 came out and you chose to get the new version of Horizon then that upgrade would be free to you. If you wanted an all NEW design in P7 then you would pay the normal price to purchase it.

Can I choose a new design when I upgrade?

Yes! As another bonus for our clients we’re giving you the option to choose a new design at the discounted rate. Keep in mind whatever design you choose for ProPhoto 6 that carries over to the next version will be the one you get future free updates for. If you choose a new design for P7, then you’ll need to purchase that design outright.

How do I get my upgrade?

If you have purchased a Pro Photo legacy design (Pro Photo versions 1-5) then we only need to verify your purchase (OF THE DESIGN) not verify your purchase of ProPhoto. We only need to know you bought a design from us before.

After some form of verification, we can send you the discount code for the P6 design that you choose. That could include the original purchase information either through ProPhoto or via PayPal. It also helps if you have the older version of the design already active on your site for extra verification.

Please contact us with your details so we can get that discount code out to you.