Changing the home page slideshow in Express



Step 1.

Log in to your WordPress dashboard and click Galleries > All Galleries.



There you’ll see your home page slideshow gallery, which would have imported when you uploaded your new design.

Hover over the gallery and select “Edit” to edit it.



Step 2.

On this page you can add and remove images easily by clicking the “add images” button to add new images, and if you want to delete images you can select them and click the “delete” button.

You can also re-arrange the images by selecting one and dragging it to a different spot.

When you’re done editing the gallery, make sure to click “Update” so the changes take place on your site.



Image Sizing


The home page slider in Express uses these dimensions for the slideshow:

2000 x 1333px at 72 dpi. We save them as optimized jpg images at quality 5 in Photoshop or about 50% in Adobe Lightroom. To get the best load times and quality, save your image and then use JPEGMINI to size your image down even further by using compression, which keeps the same image size, and quality but lowers the overall file size.

We recommend doing this for all your site images. JPEGMINI is a free service that you can use to do your images a few at a time or simply purchase the software or plugins available for Photoshop or Lightroom.

Keep in mind the image sizes listed above are just guidelines, you can insert any size image you like, we do recommend keeping the image width at about 2000 so that when the image is scaled up on 27″ screens the quality isn’t degraded as much, but the HEIGHT can be changed to whatever you desire to make the image taller or look more wider. Just make sure all your images are the same height and width to make the gallery look correct.

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