Is there an upgrade program for designs from ProPhoto 5 to ProPhoto 6?

Yes! Contact us for details, we give discounts for users willing and wanting to upgrade from 5 to 6.

Can I Install ProPhoto or the design at more than one web address?

Our polices are the same as ProPhoto’s. We allow up to two installs per domain/business name. If the second domain is a different business all together, then we would require that you purchase the design again for that domain. ProPhoto would also have to be repurchased for that domain under their policy.  We like to keep that policy together to keep consistency between the software and our designs.

Can the colors be changed in the design?

Totally, every single one of our designs can be changed.  All the colored elements are controlled either by the ProPhoto software or by the included Photoshop files which are layered for ease of use.We like to keep that policy together to keep consistency between the software and our designs.

Is the ProPhoto theme required to use Pro Photo designs?

YES, Absolutely! ALL of the designs we currently offer REQUIRE the use of WordPress+ProPhoto. The designs won’t work without both of those things. If you’re wanting to save a bit of money, check out our ProPhoto discount site!

Are there any discounts?

Yes, we’re usually running a discount on our website every month or two or we’ll be runnng promotional discounts for various seasons on our facebook page. We also have discounts on hosting by request (contact us for details) and you can view our ProPhoto discount site to save a little on purchasing ProPhoto if you’re new to the theme. –

Do the Adobe Photoshop files work with Adobe Elements?

Yes, we’ve tested all of our files down to Photoshop CS3, and Photoshop Elements 8 for maximum compatibility.

Can I change the fonts out?

Yes, all our designs use free fonts, and you can change them out at any time for any design.