Please remember any update for a design currently that you download RESETS all your current design changes! You'll be starting completely over by reinstalling the design. ProPhoto is working on some features to be able to import only the changes in the near future.


Please see our GUIDE to upgrading if you’re thinking about updating a design.


*Dates indicate when the update was released publicly.


Version 1.2 – (3.2.17)
  • NEW Added a custom pinit button tile (Added in ProPhoto 6.11.0)
  • NEW Added the contact form submit button as a tile (Added in ProPhoto 6.10.0)
  • NEW Added a customized mobile menu tile (Added in ProPhoto 6.12.0)
  • NEW Hid gallery title for galleries (Added in ProPhoto 6.14.0)
  • NEW Added gallery styles for each type to match the design
  • NEW Added gallery demo pages
  • Updated contact form to be full width
  • Updated some demo images for 2017
  • Updated some widget description titles so they’re easier to identify
  • Updated arrow icon to link to the next section of the home page
  • Updated horizontal menu drop downs to match design
  • Updated grids to remove the read more button for a cleaner look
  • Updated excerpts on blog post archives to have larger images
  • Updated comments box to have more space for a cleaner look
  • Updated spacing between post header content and post content for a cleaner look
  • Updated included photoshop files to include the new pinit button
  • Updated design instructions file
  • Updated .xml file for 2017
  • Updated design description
  • FiX ProPhoto patched a customization bug that only effected this design (ProPhoto 6.16.2)


Version 1.1 – (8.3.16)
  • NEW Customized the “Read More” options for grids, and excerpts (Added in ProPhoto 6.2.0)
  • NEW Added new call to action items to design (Added in ProPhoto 6.4.0)
  • NEW Added contact form template/page (Added in ProPhoto 6.0.0 Beta 61)
  • NEW Added the menu/logo to stick when scrolling down the page (Added in ProPhoto 6.0.0 Beta 57)
  • Updated arrow icon spacing to not be right on the bottom of the browser (lessoned the top padding of the row to 45%)
  • Updated the home page background photo to better reflect the clean nature of the design
  • Updated Google+ and Instagram Icons to the 2016 versions
  • Updated social icons to be “tiles” to make use of the hover feature
  • Updated descriptions for some child templates
  • Updated and added gallery style for portfolio galleries with new settings (Added in ProPhoto 6.4.0)
  • Updated files to include the WordPress .xml file so that users can import the demo pages with the design
  • Updated logo to be linked to home page
  • Updated the tiles on the investment page to link to the their respective pages


Version 1.0 – (4.7.16)

Release to the public.


Please see our GUIDE to upgrading if you’re thinking about updating a design.


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