Unlike other third-party web design companies that provide hosting, we’ll disclose who we use. We’re happy to say that we only use the very best! FlyWheel provides our WordPress hosting. While the actual machines that your site is hosted on are at FlyWheel we still manage everything here at La Lune. Why would we tell […]

Where are my files hosted?


We determine which plan you require based on the amount of traffic to your site. Specifically, the number of “visits” to your site in a given month. We define a visit as a unique IP address in a 24-hour period. Before we count them all up, we do our best to remove IP addresses from known bots, spammers, […]

What is a visit?


We have overage pricing for both visitors and storage.$2.00 for every 1gb over your current plan.$2.00 for every 1,000 visitors over your plan. We won’t ever randomly charge you or change your plan until your site consistently goes over your limit, then we’ll contact you for your options.

What if I go over my plan?


Absolutely! Even though we’re doing all the maintenance you’ll still have your own login and you’ll still be responsible for your own site and it’s content. We’ll provide you with all the login details for your admin panels on our Premium and Black plans. With our Lite plan, we’ll require that you send us a […]

Will I still have control of my site?


You’ll let us know at least a week in advance so we can help you transition, but since there’s no contracts, you can cancel at any time.

What if I want to cancel?


A domain, and email is not included with our hosting service. We highly recommend going with Google Domains with the G-SUITE add on if you don’t already have a domain or email already. Use G-SUITE discount code: 6C7DL3LREP9DTYW for 20% off your first year through us in a G-SUITE basic plan. If you do already […]

What’s not included in black-label?


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