Yes, ProPhoto 7 is backwards compatible with ProPhoto 6 templates. You could import your ProPhoto 6 template into 7 if you wanted to keep your existing design, or simply purchase a new one for 7 if you wanted something new and fresh.

Can I update my ProPhoto template to a newer theme without changing it?


To make it easier for us to work with and to keep the organization and optimization from the original design, we always start from scratch.

What if I’ve already completed some work on my site?


Lead times are the amount of time it takes for you to collect and submit the information we need to get started on your website. We have anywhere from 1 to 4 week lead times depending on the service you book.

What are lead times?


If you’re using ProPhoto, yes. We’d prefer you use one of ours since we carefully customize almost all aspects of ProPhoto. We feel our designs offer greater organization and polish than some other templates available and will help save us time when creating your new site. If you’re using a theme we don’t offer templates […]

Do I have to use one of your templates?


Plus service doesn’t include any customization or design changes to the template. We do change basic things like menu text, page titles, etc by request. We’ll also remove any blocks or content in the demo that you don’t want to use. You’ll have an option after we’ve finished your site to add our hourly services […]

Can you customize it for me?


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