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Matt Hudson

COO & Lead Designer

Personal Photography Site - La Lune Photo

Websites for Photographers

Building websites isn't easy, something we all know too well. We came from a photography background and saw a huge need to fill when it comes to photography websites. There wasn't a lot of options then. When there finally was, they weren't very good.

La Lune was born out of the need to make photography sites better and easier to use for not only photographers, but small businesses.

We've been building website templates and offering services for photographers since 2007 using the ProPhoto Wordpress theme. We've sold over 8,000 designs since then. We love building templates to offer someone the opportunity to jump start their new business without breaking the bank or struggle with building a website from scratch.


La Lune has spent years mastering our services and making our templates the very best they can be. Designed with love, and built with care so that you can have a website up quickly and efficiently using only what we believe to be the best Wordpress themes.

Don't take our word for it. Shop for a new site, or hire us.


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