2018 Redwood ProPhoto Design Update

In the process of updating our designs for 2018, we have one more large update to debut today!  While most of them have been completed already, 2 or 3 of our oldest designs are getting a little make over. Recently, you saw that Shepard got a nice large update. Today we’re rounding out our larger updates with Redwood.

Redwood was one of our oldest designs, and hasn’t changed much since it’s release to ProPhoto 6 originally. Today that changes, with several large needed updates to the design. One of the first things we know we wanted to do was change the logo, which is now built in ProPhoto, and no longer needs any photoshop files to use. We also updated the imagery to reflect the new style we added to the design.



One of the other major enhancements we made was clear out the header on the home page and move the menu down to below the main slideshow, we wanted a more simpler look with Redwood, and we love how when you scroll down to the menu it keeps scrolling with you down the page! We completely updated the footer, changed out the social media icon styles, muted the existing brand colors for the design, and updated several pages to match the new brand style, and of course we’re using all of ProPhoto’s latest features to bring Redwood into 2018. For a full list of changes, see the change log here.

Of course if you’ve already purchased Redwood for ProPhoto 6, this update is completely free to you. See our support article for updating a design.

Redwood wraps up the last of our designs to receive a major update for 2018. All the other designs are receiving incremental smaller updates for 2018 with no large changes or additions.



2018 Shepard Design Update

We’re super excited to be debuting a brand new version of Shepard today, now available in the shop and on the web! 2018 is bringing a slew of updates for our oldest designs, and some retirements that don’t fit with our core offerings any longer.

Shepard sees an incredibly large update for 2018 to version 1.2. Shepard is now a full page design, still keeping with its vintage but modern style, we wanted to bring it into 2018 with a whole new look. We simplified the logo so that it can be edited and used within ProPhoto and not have to use any existing Photoshop files. Our goal for any future designs is to eliminate the need for any outside editing program like Adobe Photoshop or Sketch so that they don’t require you to purchase an expensive software to use the design.



We also revised and removed a lot of things that wasn’t working in the design any longer. The buttons below the header have been there since the design was released from ProPhoto 5 days. It’s carried over into 2 versions since then, and we felt that they were no longer working with the current design so we removed those and built in some featured widgets that look and work better for the design on the home page.

To keep up with 2018 design standards we decided to remove the boxy look of the design and go with a full page spread design. We feel this makes the design more bold, modern, but still keeps it’s vintage charm.

Due to customer feedback we also removed all the weird image sizes we had in the design, now all of them follow our standards that we set for our new designs and all use the same specific sizes, that way you don’t have to use an editing program to size them to fit the design exactly any longer.

The footer, and most of the pages also saw revisions to make them work better, and of course we also updated the design to use all of ProPhoto’s latest features.

If you want to get down to the nitty gritty of all the changes we made, check out the Change logs. Also, did we mention if you’ve already purchased Shepard for ProPhoto 6, this design update is completely FREE?

P.S Did you ever wonder why our design wasn’t spelled in the traditional way? Shepard was named after the great Alan Shepard – American astronaut, naval aviator, test pilot, and businessman.



New Showit Designs


We just added two new Showit designs to the market today! Minimal, and Urban, are now available, just in time for our Black Friday deals! Get 30% off any design in our shop until November 30th using code THANKS.

Andromeda is still in approval phase but should launch in December, we have 2 more Showit releases coming up and then we’ll be moving onto only new designs for 2018.



Urban is a modern, bold, design created for those photographers, makers, and small business owners that are looking for something minimal and bold, but with that dark hipster vibe. Urban is packed with all the latest and greatest features of Showit making a great fully rounded design fit for all types of businesses and bloggers.

This design includes:

  • 12 Total page designs.
  • 5 Content Page designs.
  • 3 Gallery page designs.
  • 1 Matching WordPress blog design.
  • 404 Page and Coming Soon page design.
  • WordPress custom 404 page design with search.





Not every design has to be complicated we think that our Minimal design is the perfect solution for any portrait photographer or maybe someone who isn’t looking for all the abundant use of graphics or stylings. Minimal is a simple, easy to use design without all the fuss!

This design includes:

  • 8 Page Designs
  • 3 Gallery page designs.
  • 404 Page and Coming Soon page design.
  • 1 Matching WordPress blog.
  • WordPress custom 404 page design


View Minimal


If you’re interested in Showit, find out more on our information page.


Introducing ProPhoto Bundles

Today we’re introducing a new product to our lineup, Bundles!

Have you ever known what style design you wanted but couldn’t decide which one to get? We’re hoping our new bundles will help with that decision by giving you the option of purchasing multiple designs at a discounted price. Our first bundle is our Minimal bundle which includes 3 of our most popular minimal ProPhoto designs. You’ll get Minimal, Express, and Ivory included at one simple price.



Now, when you go to visit any one of the bundled designs, you’ll see a brand new section on the page giving the option to purchase the bundle!




Minimal is one of our most popular designs. It’s simple, bold design make it a staple for delivering a great viewing experience by making things easy to use and beautiful to look at.




Ivory is the second in our Minimal bundle, featuring simple easy to use design with beautiful spanning home page slideshow and great modern design.




Express is the last in the bundle and features a bold, simple home page and a minimal, but more modern design with a large front page image slideshow and larger menu to stand out.







Booth for ProPhoto

We’re launching a brand new design aimed specifically at Booth Photographers! We wanted to give a fun loving, colorful design fit for a photo booth photographer, and we hope this design while not as traditional as our normal designs puts the fun and style we expect from a photo booth into a web design for you!

We went with a single page design for this one, which makes the most sense for booth photographers since a fully fledged website isn’t required for that type of business. We feel that those sites are meant to have just enough information to book the client, and don’t need all that fuss and over contemplated design that a website normally brings. We livened this one up with lots of pretty colors and design features, just like a photo booth should be! Full of fun and energetic happiness. If it reminds you a little of the 90’s and Saved by the bell, well…I think you might’ve known where we got our inspiration from!

This design includes a custom logo, backgrounds, and some unique built in tile options to match the design.

Images were lovingly given to us to use from our friend Rikki over at Snapbox. Check out his new site sporting the design, and be sure to read the interview he did with us here.