Peace of mind shouldn't be taken for granted.

We want to take care of all your site needs. From the tech side to the content.

We've been serving clients for years, and when your business is lit and you know you're starting to feel the strain of managing your website, we want to handle all the technical mumbo jumbo so you never have to worry about it. Like, ever.


We offer plans to host your website, take care of all the maintenance and even add content or make changes to your site on a monthly basis.


Your site needs to run 24 hours, 7 days a week. We want to make sure your business is at it's best 365 days a year.



+ Daily backups
+ Wordpress updates
+ Plugin updates
+ Theme updates
+ Security checks
+ Site optimization
+ Broken Link Monitor

+ Monthly performance evaluation with Report
+ Annual PHP updates
+ One on one support

+ No contract, cancel anytime

Billed monthly until cancelled




+ Includes Lite
+ 1 Wordpress site
+ 10,000 monthly visits
+ 5gb disk space
+ 20gb bandwidth
+ Dedicated Wordpress optimized hosting
+ 24/7 Uptime in the cloud
+ Built in security with malware removal
+ SSL certificate included
+ Site migration from your current host
+ One on one support
+ No contract, cancel anytime

Billed monthly until cancelled




+ Includes Lite
+ Includes Premium

+ 1 hour of monthly content updates
+ Monthly caching and speed optimization checks
+ Yearly template discount
+ One on one support
+ No contract, cancel anytime

Billed monthly until cancelled



In our Black Label: Lite plan we take care of all your site's maintenance needs on a daily / weekly / monthly basis. From backups, security, all wordpress updates, and more. We personally handle all your site's technical aspects and once a month we send you a easy to read performance evaluation. We aim to let you take back control of your time so you can hustle in other areas of your business without the day to day worry of maintaining your website. Peace of mind never looked so good!

Billed monthly until cancelled



It's simple. Other hosting sucks. Period. We believe we've partnered with the best host to offer the best service for our customers.


With cheaper shared hosting you don't know who or what else is being served on the same shared machine as you are, and if one site on your shared server goes down, then your site goes down too. In scenarios like this, you'll potentially not only lose a visitors trust, but also their business when your site is down and they can't reach you.

We want to take that worry out of the equation. We're offering top tier Wordpress managed hosting with all the latest tech and customer service to back it up. Wordpress managed hosting offers greater speeds, better optimization, security over a standard VPS or shared hosting plan. We offer only the best.


Black Label Premium includes our Lite Wordpress care package plan so you never have to worry about the technical aspects of your site ever again.

Billed monthly until cancelled


Your time is valuable, so put it to good use.

Our Black plan includes everything in our Black Label Lite and Premium plans, plus 1 hour* of content updates to your site a month. We'll help with blog posts, galleries, design changes, or any technical aspects you may want us to look at. We'll also do new template or theme installs, setup caching and will provide a yearly discount on any one of our templates or child themes.

*Time does not accumulate if you don't use it in that month.

Billed monthly until cancelled



If you already have hosting with someone else, we’ll move your site over to us with almost zero downtime.

Our hosting plan does NOT include a domain. We recommend purchasing a domain from Google Domains or Godaddy if you don’t already have one.

Once a month, we’ll login to your WordPress and make sure everything is running smoothly and run any important updates that may be required. That includes updates to WordPress core, plugins, themes, and any PHP updates if necessary will be done on the hosting side. We always run backups before we make any changes or updates.

We’ll provide you with an exclusive discount code that can be used once per year for $25.00 off any template or design we offer.

All our Black Label plans are billed monthly until canceled. We take all major credit cards, and Paypal.

If you think you need more space than our current plan offers, get in touch and we’ll come up with a plan that fits your needs best. Most sites will work perfectly fine in our Black Label Premium plan.

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A domain, and email is not included with our hosting service. We highly recommend going with Google Domains with the G-SUITE add on if you don’t already have a domain or email already. Use G-SUITE discount code: 6C7DL3LREP9DTYW for 20% off your first year through us in a G-SUITE basic plan.

If you do already have at least one of those things, we can give you some options on switching, or you can simply keep those with your current provider and only switch your hosting over. Get in touch if you have questions!

Templates, themes, and customization services are completely separate.

Almost anything! It doesn’t have to always be technical, we can help you manage blog posts, galleries, make changes to your design, etc. If you go over the hour for that month, then we’ll quote you on additional time.

If you don’t use your hour for the month at all, it’s not cumulative, so you can’t rollover time.

You’ll let us know at least a week in advance so we can help you transition, but since there’s no contracts, you can cancel at any time.

Absolutely! Even though we’re doing all the maintenance you’ll still have your own login and you’ll still be responsible for your own site and it’s content. We’ll provide you with all the login details for your admin panels on our Premium and Black plans.

With our Lite plan, we’ll require that you send us a new set of login details just for us with admin access so we can do your site maintenance every month.

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