Peace of  mind shouldn't be taken for granted.

What if I told you that you could have a stress free website without the worry that your site could break, be infected with malware or get spammed to death? Without the need for a ton of plugins that would potentially slow down your site?


Ever had the feeling you're being watched?
We will. Every day. Three. Sixty. Five.

We handle your malware checks, constantly. Like FBI vans waiting for a big bust. When life gets hard, we have backups that run as soon as something feels off. If your site gets restored, then we immediately look into what happened, and what we can do to stop further attacks from happening.

Not only that, but we take care of your spam comments too, because as much as I love my mother, Spam and mayo not only look disgusting, but smells like it too! (gross mom.) As a bonus, our ONE plugin does the job of five pro plugins. Without the bloat, and quietly, secretly, watching behind the scenes to keep your site safe.

(That sounds creepy A.F but's true!)


No Robots Allowed.

While we do have some automation in our process, like backups, and security that run 24/7. There are no human relation cyborgs here. An actual human (Hi, my name is Matt) actually does the behind the scenes work. I go into your site once a week and run all the updates and optimizations myself. Updating plugins, and core Wordpress can sometimes break things on older sites, and it's important to have someone around when that happens, and so you have a human to do the work, and a human to offer support when your site goes down. Sorry C3PO. 



+ One Time Super Optimization
+ Daily Backups
+ Daily Security checks
+ Daily Broken Link Monitor
+ Daily Uptime Monitoring
+ Weekly WordPress updates
+ Weekly Plugin updates
+ Weekly Theme updates
+ Weekly Site optimization
+ Weekly Spam optimization
+ Monthly Performance Report
+ One on one support (no robots allowed)


Get everything you need without the fuss of being an engineer.

Billed once per month until cancelled

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