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Peace of mind shouldn't be taken for granted.

We want to take care of all your site needs. 24/7 365 days a year.

We've been serving clients for years, and when your business is lit and you know you're starting to feel the strain of managing your website, we want to handle all the technical mumbo jumbo so you never have to worry about it. Like, ever.


Our Vigilance plan offers unprecedented technical maintenance so you never have to worry.



We want to take care of all your site's maintenance needs on a daily basis! From backups, security, updates, uptime monitoring, and more! We personally handle all your site's technical aspects and once a month we send you an easy to read performance evaluation. We aim to let you take back control of your time so you can hustle in other areas of your business without the day to day worry of maintaining your website. Peace of mind never looked so good!

What's included

+ Daily backups
+ WordPress updates
+ Plugin updates
+ Theme updates
+ Security checks
+ Site optimization
+ Broken Link Monitor
+ Uptime Monitoring

+ Monthly Performance Report
+ One on one support
+ Yearly PHP updates (depends on your host)*
+ Hosting not included

* Billed until canceled
** Some hosts limit PHP updates to certain versions
*** Does not include design work



Once a week, we’ll login to your WordPress and make sure everything is running smoothly and run any important updates that may be required. That includes updates to WordPress core, plugins, themes, and any PHP updates if necessary will be done on the hosting side. We always run backups before we make any changes or updates.

Nope. The only requirement is that you’re a running a WordPress website, no matter what the theme or template is.

If anything is technically related to your website, like plugins, updates, back-end hosting issues, etc, we cover it. It doesn’t cover any design changes or technical issues related to your theme if your theme is not well developed. The best advice we have is to just to ask if something is covered if you have something particular in mind!

Absolutely! When you cancel, we remove our custom plugin from your website, and will no longer maintain your site. There is no contract required upon signing up or canceling.