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Pro Service

So you've been in business for awhile, you know your target audience, you pay your taxes, (ew.) and you need to move into the next phase of your growing but totally awesome business. Our Pro service takes one of our existing template designs as a base and creates a custom site for you without breaking the bank or taking weeks to get there.


5 Business Days - 2-4 week lead time

Our Pro service is for those wanting a fully custom website template. This service includes everything from our Plus service but all the changes you'll need to have a custom site without breaking the bank.

Who is this service for?

Pro is for those who have been in business for 1 to 3 years or more, and knows the ins and outs of their business. You don't want to break the bank by having a fully custom site made, so you want the next best thing. A custom template design.



+ 1 Free La Lune or Swoone Website Template**
+ Completely custom template design
+ Basic SEO optimization
+ Speed optimization

+ 4 galleries with up to 30 images each
+ 4 additional custom pages
+ 4 one on one screen sharing revisions

+ One on One Video Support
+ Launch Celebration Graphics

+ 10% off your first year of Showit

** UP TO $299 Value



All of our templates are built using subscription-based themes with their hosting. A Showit or ProPhoto subscription is required to customize websites with those themes.


Like hosting, a domain is required for your website to work. We recommend Google Domains if you don't already have one.


We offer web design services for the Showit and ProPhoto platforms. If you're wanting something built from scratch we work with Elementor for WordPress.



Purchase one of our sweet designs and a subscription for Showit or ProPhoto.

Next, you'll get in touch with us through the contact form at the bottom of the page to get started. I promise you we won't ghost, we'll get back to you within one business day! Our reviews speak for themselves!



We won't lie to you. Creating a fully custom site in only 5-7 days is going to be a lot of work. We'll be relying on you to get us everything we need to make that happen, but we make the process super easy and simple to do. We also give you one to four weeks of lead time so that you have plenty of time to get us what we need.

Some things you're expected to send us would be your site's copy, images, and branding materials.


We always start with a fresh install of the template you choose to use.


We don't ask that you resize or crop images for your new site, and we give you a curated Google Drive to make it easy for you to upload files to us for the duration of your project.

All content we need is due on the day before our start date.



We'll send over a contract and an invoice so we can book your official start date. You can choose between one to four week leads so that you have plenty of time to get us all the things we need.

Oh, and yes, we can totally split up your payments for you from your booking date to your start date. All payments must be made in advance of your starting date.



In our Pro service, you'll be rocking an entirely custom template design that's only yours. We'll start with the base template you chose, plugin all your content, like your images, branding, colors, fonts, plugins, and add any design tweaks you've requested through our in-depth questionnaire.

Then, we'll have our very first live, face-to-face screen sharing session, where we'll nitpick everything and take notes about the site for the next revision.

Each revision takes about an hour or so long, and you'll be expected to set aside that time every day of the week during your project. Throughout the process, you'll also have homework assignments, likely involving just getting us more content to complete the next step.



Within our live revisions (there are 4 of them), we'll nitpick every detail and aspect of your website and customize as much as you want within those revisions. Changes are unlimited during your week-long design process.



We'll be doing all the finishing touches on our last revision day, so your site looks great and feels great across all devices. We'll also help you plan and launch your site for you when you're ready to go live. Then, if you'd like, we can pop in on a live screen sharing session on your launch date and celebrate with a glass of Champagne (or coffee)!

Oh, and when you need support or know how to you know, USE your site, we'll be there for you and create video tutorials using YOUR site so you'll know exactly what to do.

Suppose you didn't want to deal with the technical aspects of the design at all. Then check out our Vigilance service. We take care of the whole thing for you (seriously, all of it).



As much or as little as you want, we’ll customize the template from top to bottom. Add or remove new blocks, new content, change colors, text, fonts, images, branding and everything in between. Your template will be wholly unique to your own brand.

This is one of our most asked questions. The Pro service includes four total live screen sharing revisions, and in our experience usually four is totally enough to do everything you want us to do. If something is out of scope, like a plugin installation and setup, or possibly you have enough changes to need another revision, then we’ll either bill by the hour, or flat rate it depending on what you need done.

If we get to the end of our fourth revision and you’re still needing more things completed, we’ll gather a list from you with the remaining changes and we’ll either bill by the hour or flat rate depending upon the work involved. You could always have the choice to go live, and sit with the site awhile before coming back for some additional revisions.

We’re on MST (Mountain Standard Time), and can be pretty flexible with the times/dates for the revisions during the week. We always start your design on Mondays. You’ll have to have that day completely clear so that we can get your first revision done and have our first meeting.

We realize you have lives outside of your small business, but creating a custom site is an investment worthy of making the time for. So be sure to set aside that much time every day before booking with us.

Yes! No matter what theme changes you make, a theme will never mess with your WordPress content like comments, posts or pages. Only the design elements of those things change. Your content is completely safe!

Typically, you’ll have to set away an hour each day of the week we have you booked. During that hour we’ll meetup online face to face on Google Meet where we can chat and go over the site page by page. We’ll both take notes, and it’s likely you’ll have homework most days (like new images, or site copy) before the next day’s revision.

Yes, we can split your payments up every week from the day you book to the day we start. We accept all major credit and debit cards, and both Paypal, and Paypal payments.

Absolutely not. ProPhoto 7 and templates are both separate purchases from this service. If you’re new to ProPhoto, you can get $20.00 off by typing in LALUNE at checkout on their website.

If you live in the state of Colorado there may be an additional tax charge to services or products.

The Pro service includes 4 (four) additional fully custom page layouts. These are custom page layouts that are made from scratch and not included with your template design. As an example; you may need an additional gallery page, info page, reviews page, or a landing page. Whatever you need, we can create for you. :)

Please note, we will not substitute a layout that you may not use in the existing demo as one of your 4 extra pages. If you need more than 4 we flat rate additional pages at $100 a page.

We book only one client at a time for any of our services, excluding hourly. If you want to book a custom site design, fill out the form below to get started!

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