Due to the digital nature of the product, and being that it is not a licensable software, we don’t offer refunds under any circumstance. Upon agreeing to the terms and copyrights upon purchase you agree that no such refund will be given and that you waive your right for such a refund.

Exceptions – If you’ve bought and returned ProPhoto, let us know and we’ll verify it with them and process you a refund for any design you may have purchased from La Lune.

If you have any questions regarding your purchase please contact us for support.




When registering to make a purchase on our website, we do not collect or store any credit cards on file through our site and are not liable for any damages, fees, or legal ramifications for purchases made through our sites. All payments made through this site are made through PayPal so you’ll never have to worry about your personal information being stolen.

Information we do collect are things like; your first and last name, user name, and email address. All downloaded files are logged with the date, ip address and download history for internal use only for customer reference.

Your information will never be sold or distributed under any circumstance.




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La Lune Creative will prosecute offenders of our copyright and other intellectual property to the maximum extent of the law. Penalties for violating our copyrights may include the actual damages caused by and the profits earned by the infringer as a direct result of the infringement, statutory damages of up to $150,000 per work (17 USC §504(b) and (c), legal fees and costs from the infringer.

The files may not be shared, distributed, published or sold in part or in whole. The designs may not be used on sites such as cafe press and may not be made into physical or digital products for sale on any website or in any retail store.