Yes! No matter what theme changes you make, a theme will never mess with your WordPress content like comments, posts or pages. Only the design elements of those things change. Your content is completely safe!

Can I keep my existing WordPress content?


We’re on MST (Mountain Standard Time), and can be pretty flexible with the times/dates for the revisions during the week. We always start your design on Mondays. You’ll have to have that day completely clear so that we can get your first revision done and have our first meeting. We realize you have lives outside […]

What are schedules like?


If we get to the end of our fourth revision and you’re still needing more things completed, we’ll gather a list from you with the remaining changes and we’ll either bill by the hour or flat rate depending upon the work involved. You could always have the choice to go live, and sit with the […]

What if I need more time?


This is one of our most asked questions. The Pro service includes four total live screen sharing revisions, and in our experience usually four is totally enough to do everything you want us to do. If something is out of scope, like a plugin installation and setup, or possibly you have enough changes to need […]

What if I need more revisions?


As much or as little as you want, we’ll customize the template from top to bottom. Add or remove new blocks, new content, change colors, text, fonts, images, branding and everything in between. Your template will be wholly unique to your own brand.

How much customization is there?


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